We're Due: State of Black Business, 16th edition May 15

17th National Black Business Month

National Black Business Month was launched in 2004 by Frederick E. Jordan Sr. PE and John William Templeton .


C-Level conversation on black economic empowerment globally

The Most Important Thing We Can Do Now is What We Did Then

We've been here before. Outmatched and outnumbered. But the black freedom struggle has been powered by black owned businesses and workers who insisted on value for their labor.  The link between San Francisco and South Africa has been an important catalyst for personal and political freedom.  Now it's time to change the inequitable distribution of wealth by aligning the intellectual capital of the Bay Area with the resource wealth and organizational energy of the African continent just as happened with the demise of apartheid.  In both places, we've faced an economic backlash, but we have weathered the storm.  Success means taking the mantle created 100 years ago with Dr. W.E.B. DuBois' first Pan African Congress and the movement of Marcus Garvey to use what we have to get what we want through such strategies as Africapitalism.  But it all starts at home, so we are in the Black Restaurant of the Year, Jamie Boatner's Hazel Southern Bar and Kitchen to accelerate progress.  Join us in person or online and receive the latest State of Black Business and Silicon Ceiling reports with your yearly subscription to the Journal of Black Innovation

Be There in Person or Online

We can join our minds and hearts to further 31 Ways 31 Days across the Diaspora with our opening Innovation&Equity19 Symposium. Show you're right by signing up today.

Join the Aug. 1 C-Level Conversation on Black Economic Empowerment Globally

Money on The Table on KMTP

The new episode of Money on the Table recognizes the 60th anniversary of Roy Clay's groundbreaking paper to define computer programming and the 75th anniversary of the San Francisco Sun Reporter.

The 15th annual National Black Business Month

Capitalizing the Diaspora on Aug. 1 launched the 15th annual National Black Business Month, designed to create a plan for economic self-sufficiency in the United States, Caribbean, Latin America and Africa with an economic reset aggregating the capital for meeting the right of development during the International Decade for People of African Descent. Join us Aug. 17 at Liberty Hall for Capital for Economic Development on Marcus Garvey's birthday.

15th National Black Business Month

Capitalizing the Diaspora

On the 50th anniversary of his selection as national chairman of the Congress of Racial Equality, we have a living history discussion with Wil T. Ussery.  He picketed a 49ers-Redskins game in 1960; volunteered in the Birmingham children's crusade and brought the strategies to the United San Francisco Freedom Movement, which achieved 375 employer agreements as the most successful economic civil rights campaign of the 1960s, helped elect Carl Stokes as mayor of Cleveland, develop the Harlem Community Development Corp., create the mobilization movement for five African liberation movements in 1969 and co-founded the Black Child Development Institute.  Other participants include Dr. Dikko Umaru Radda, director-general of the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency of Nigeria.

Capitalize the Diaspora

Opportunity from Disaster

The 15th State of Black Business report, Opportunity from Disaster, views the impact of climate change on the Caribbean, Atlantic and Gulf states and Africa as the opportunity for economic transformation by leveraging recovery spending in an effective new paradigm for African-American business.

It's About the Details

31 Ways 31 Days drills down to the nuts and bolts of reversing the declines of manufacturing in Africa and of black firms with employees in the United States by channeling public, institutional and private assets in every local community.  It is an engine for progress at the neighborhood level.  For instance, the New York metropolitan area has more than $100 billion in yearly African-American income alone.

31 Ways 31 Days in August

Every day of August is a new opportunity to support black-owned businesses.  Use our daily guidance to change the paradigm in your community and reach out to that industry sector.

Journal of Black Innovation

The Journal of Black Innovation is a six times yearly scholarly chronicle of the most compelling research and entrepreneurship that drives the future geared to customer and investor awareness of overlooked overachievers.

JBE CEO Jerry Ellison on building manufacturing success

National Black Business Month announces a plan to grow the number of African-American firms with employees by creating state and metropolitan area plans that provide the capital for innovators like Jerry Ellison to create jobs.

Attend Aug. 17 on Capital for Economic Development

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15th National Black Business Month

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