Welcome to 15th National Black Business Month


Capitalizing the Diaspora

Preston Pinkett III, President of the National Bankers Association and CEO of New York City's only black-owned bank, keynotes Capitalizing the Diaspora on Aug. 1, the anniversary of West Indian Emancipation Day, as we implement a strategy to meet the goals of the International Decade for Peoples of African Descent to end economic inequality in Africa and the Americas.

Opportunity from Disaster

The 15th State of Black Business report, Opportunity from Disaster, views the impact of climate change on the Caribbean, Atlantic and Gulf states and Africa as the opportunity for economic transformation by leveraging recovery spending in an effective new paradigm.

It's About the Details

31 Ways 31 Days drills down to the nuts and bolts of reversing the declines of manufacturing in Africa and of black firms with employees in the United States by channeling public, institutional and private assets in every local community.  It is an engine for progress at the neighborhood level.  For instance, the New York metropolitan area has more than $100 billion in yearly African-American income alone.

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15th National Black Business Month