climate justice revives the black belt

Don't be left out in the storm

As another hurricane season begins, we encourage last year's State of Black Business report, Opportunity from Disaster: State of Black Business, 15th edition, which describes how to engage funding allocated from Hurricanes Irma and Hugo to make black communities in the 105 counties with a black majority better than they were before.  With this book, you also receive video on demand of our three part symposium The Economic 13th Amendment which describes a new regionl structure that combines the strengths of those governments to get the funding and entrepreneurship that the poorest section of America needs to thrive.  This also is targeted to the historically black colleges and universities to provide a mission for the future--addressing the health and other impacts of climate change.

Who got the jobs?

Opportunity from Disaster looks at  construction employement in the top 50 counties in the hurricane zone, providng data which can change policy at the local and state levels.