Introducing the Workshop Leader:

Sept. 27 -- Craig Williams, Authority Strategist

Sept. 28 -- Cheryl Munson,

Sept. 29 --Dr. Joyce King, Georgia State University

The most important economic message since Booker T. Washington in 1905

From the same location where the Georgia legislature gave final approval to the 13th Amendment and where Booker T. Washington issued what became known as the "Atlanta Compromise," historian and business catalyst John William Templeton presents for three days a bold strategy to create economic freedom.

It is a data-driven strategy from 14 years of compiling the State of Black Business report and 43 years as a business editor, including stints as editor of the Silicon Valley Business Journal and commentary for the New York Society of Securities Analysts, The Hill, Today's Engineer and PRWeek.  

More than 10,000 heard him proclaim "it is time for us as a people to reach the land of milk and honey" at the Hampton University Ministers Conference in June.

If you want to grow as a job-creating entrepreneur or shape public policy to bring about economic inclusion and connect with like-minded changemakers, then these three days are a great investment of your time.  With your admission of $25 per night, comes the National Black Business Month issue of the Journal of Black Innovation, including the 50 Most Important African-Americans in Technology.

Because of the strong interest around the country, we've added an on-demand video option for all three sessions to watch at your convenience from anyplace on the planet