Silicon Valley Solar

Dr. Reginald Parker provides solar power to Los Gatos, CA, where some of Silicon Valley's most affluent resident live with his proprietary designs.  He also has installed solar farms in Northampton County, NC to create economic development and is building a factory to make  more efficient solar panels.


The Most Powerful Car Ever

Richard Patterson is making the car he dreamed about as a teenager as CEO and founder of Trion Supercars, a $1.7 million 2,000 HP custom vehicle he's making in southern California.   When he spoke at the Silicon Valley Auto Show, Trion already had more than 400 on a waiting list, more than half a billion in advance sales. Below is the Trion Nemesis and Patterson with teen Formula 1 driver Jaden Conwrigtht at the Innovation and Equity Symposium on Jan. 15.


The pioneer of virtual reality and digital video

Ceek and you will find Mary E. Spio at the heart of the movement to popularis virtual reality headsets.   The Syracuse and Georgia Tech educated engineer is co-patent holder for digital satellite video now used to deliver movies to theaters and now she's manufacturing a virtual reality headset.

She was guest editor of the second issue of the Journal of African-American Innovation.