The City That Created Cool

SAN FRANCISCO TRAVEL and ReUNION: Education-Arts-Heritage release the new edition of the African-American Freedom Trail brochure to mark the 13th annual National Black Business Month. Printed by an African-American-owned printer in Oakland, the brochure highlights African-American historic sites, restaurants, cultural attractions and churches that would be of interest to the 9 million yearly visitors to San Francisco, including more than 1,700 African-Americans every day.  NBBM Co-Founder John William Templeton crafted the brochure based on his book Come to the Water: Sharing the Rich Black Experience in San Francisco. SFSOULSHUTTLE  tours with black-owned limousine operator Bay Limos give visitors exclusive access to the African-American Freedom Trail.  Templeton and Bay Limos executives share the brochure with staff of the Visitor Information Center. San Francisco is one of 25 cities where ReUNION Heritage Tours provides remarkable tours of African-American history.


GSA Administrator Denise Turner Roth describes the agency's objective to create economic development by making it easier to do business with Uncle Sam  in a cover article for the National Black Business Month edition of the Journal of African-American Innovation.   The video above describes how companies can begin to do business with the world's largest buyer.


His OLED innovations are reminscent of the impact of Lewis Latimer, who founded the modern electrical utility industry by lighting the streets in major cities around the world a century ago.  Funding more industrial innovators like Mike Molaire is how we create the jobs that keep our communities thriving.

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More than 60 percent of  African-American innovators are women. The April Journal of African-American Innovation tracks these technological Harriett Tubmans.

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Houston's Bennie Ferrell Catering is one of the oldest black-owned food businesses in the country, with a third generation now serving the highest profile events in Houston